Date Listed Name of Member Location Illness Point of Contact Email POC
23 Oct 18Peter LarardHave received the following from Frank Benfield
Below is the message from Peter's Daughter Kerri

First, Peter Larard is gravely unwell with Alzheimer’s disease according to an email from his eldest daughter Kerri. Peter’s situation has declined rapidly over the last month. He struggles to speak, is unable to walk, sit, stand or move about without the assistance of two carers. He struggles to eat due to swallowing difficulties and needs help with toileting and personal hygiene. He has a life expectancy of 6 months and may not see Christmas. Kerri closed her email with the following poignant comments

“I guess we have the next few months to say goodbye.
This could be his last Christmas, I remember having that same thought about Mum.
He doesn't deserve it, but no one really does. Will keep you posted.
Love. Kerri.”
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23 Oct 18Ray “Digger” DaviesHave received the following from Frank Benfield

Ray who is in Redcliffe hospital with pneumonia and another condition but hopes to be discharged in the very near future.
Digger’s circumstances are nowhere near as dire as Peter’s
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